Timothy Ambrose

Mitigation Specialist

Timothy Ambrose, a native of New Orleans, is an investigator on the Children’s Defense Team.  He was previously a Mitigation Specialist on the JLWOP Direct Representation Team. He received his BA from Xavier University of Louisiana in Political Science and Business Administration in 2019. While at Xavier, he spent most of his time developing mentorship programs and retention programs to offset the school-to-prison pipeline. As an undergraduate student, Timothy was a Student Researcher and Investigative Intern with the Orleans Public Defenders Office. As the president of the College Democrats at Xavier University of Louisiana, he shadowed United States’ senators & local elected officials and helped mobilize college students around the state of Louisiana to vote for unanimous jury verdicts. The core of his research is developing solutions that promote life expectancy for people in vulnerable environments, reducing youth incarceration, and concentrating on the impacts of mentorship in underprivileged communities.

Email: tambrose@lakidsrights.org