Zaide Noel

Mitigation Specialist

Zaide Noel is a mitigation specialist on the JLWOP team based in Baton Rouge. Zaide received his Bachelors of Science from Lake Erie College, located in Cleveland, Ohio in 2016. During his time as an undergrad, he was actively involved in mentoring programs and community development. Zaide moved to New Orleans the summer of 2016 and began working at Trinity Community Center (TCC), a non-profit in Hollygrove. After a year of being actively involved in the community, he began his Masters of Social Work at Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO). While at SUNO, Zaide did research focused on mass incarceration and created a mentor program proposal in order to help with fatherlessness due to incarceration. He also worked for Empowerment Behavioral Services where he served and advocated for fatherless African American young men and their families. Zaide volunteered alongside the Unanimous Jury Coalition, participating in canvassing and voter education to pass Amendment 2. He served on the TCC community advisory board while being an active member of the Hollygrove neighborhood association. Shortly after completing his Masters in Social Work at SUNO, Zaide received an offer from the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (LCCR) as a mitigation specialist. He was thrilled to accept a position with LCCR in June 2019 and begin working toward criminal justice reform.