2022 Louisiana Legislative Session: Vote YES on House Bill 746.

We did it! HB 746 will be signed into law!

Read more about the passing of this bill: http://www.louisianaweekly.com/la-limits-solitary-confinement-for-youth/

Louisiana Center For Children’s Rights (LCCR), a nonprofit law office that defends young people in Louisiana’s justice system through both direct representation and policy advocacy, is taking action against the injustices and blatant neglect of our youth. In this country, and more specifically Louisiana, our troubled children are being subjected to torture tactics. The usage of solitary confinement on kids is an abusive, dangerous practice.

The average solitary confinement cell is 6×9 ft. That’s the equivalent of a queen-sized bed, parking space, or elevator. Can you imagine being trapped in an elevator for hours to a month at a time? That is the torturous experience of youth in juvenile solitary confinement.

It has been proven that solitary is ineffective for adults, so why do we practice this with kids? The usage of solitary confinement causes irreversible damage to youth’s mental health, whose brains are still developing. Additionally, research shows that the inhumane practice only intensifies symptoms for people who already suffer with mental illness. Over half of the suicides in juvenile detention centers occur during solitary confinement. This is why LCCR supports State Rep. Royce Duplessis House Bill 746 (HB746), which would restrict the use of juvenile solitary confinement, and require the Office of Juvenile Justice to swiftly inform the parents and attorney of its use as well as require the agency to record and track its use.

Learn more about the legislation here: https://bit.ly/HB746https://bit.ly/HB746

Urge the Senate to #EndSolitary by Voting YES for HB 746:


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