• Alternatives to Incarceration: Spotlight on Credible Messengers

    For generations, the U.S. has overly relied on prosecution and incarceration as the primary forms of accountability, but with lackluster results. Given the high cost and poor track record of punitive punishments, LCCR and other advocates are pushing for alternatives to the traditional prosecution and incarceration routes. Today we explore the concept of Credible Messengers.

  • FY 2023: What Your Support Made Possible this Year

    It’s been another huge year for LCCR. We served more than 600 kids between New Orleans and East Baton Rouge, defended against a rollback of the Raise the Age law, and welcomed Kristen Rome to the Co-Executive Director role. Click here to read all about what your support helped us achieve in FY 2023.

  • Delays, lack of transparency in the juvenile justice system are wreaking havoc on families

    It was on a late spring day when Amanda Schroeder finally received the report she had been hoping for. A student she’d been working with as a social worker for the nonprofit Communities in Schools had successfully passed the 7th grade. Normally, this wouldn’t be a particularly remarkable moment, but this child’s situation was anything but…