Juvenile Public Defense

Every child has the right to an attorney. But they need so much more.  

As the juvenile public defender in New Orleans, we provide high-quality legal representation to over 90% of children involved in juvenile court. But we know that the causes and consequences of an arrest stretch far beyond the courtroom. So we surround every child with an entire team to support them: a social worker, youth advocate, lawyer, and investigator.

Our clients tell us what they need to thrive at home, in school, and in the community, and we help them get there. For some children, that may mean helping them receive special education support or find an after-school job. For others, it could mean securing affordable mental health treatment and providing transportation to their appointments – common hurdles for impoverished families. 

No matter what it takes, we stand with kids inside and outside the courtroom so they can put the justice system behind them for good.


Jason’s Graduation

Like so many of the kids we serve, Jason came to us at a pivotal moment in his young life: he had just been arrested and was on the verge of dropping out of the tenth grade. We began as we always do, by listening. We found out why Jason wasn’t going to school and worked with him on a plan to get back on track. Read more.