T’Yanna Jackson

Executive Assistant

T’Yanna Jackson, a proud New Orleans native, was born into a family whose values are respect for all humankind, civic engagement and involvement, and playing a critical role in youth advocacy and development. She would often tag along with her grandmother who helped local organizations implement community outreach events geared toward meeting the needs of the youth and young adult population by providing everything from food and other commodities to education and mentorship. These early experiences would ultimately shape T’Yanna’s own passion for youth advocacy and development and lead her into a life of service.

While in college, T’Yanna began teaching classes at a youth camp that served students across the Gulf Coast region, helping them to understand who they were and how to leverage that identity to impact their futures and change the world. Prior to joining LCCR, she was the Director of Programming and Community Impact for the Trinity Community Center in Hollygrove where she spent nearly a decade developing and managing comprehensive programming for youth that prioritized social-emotional development, high academic achievement, and social responsibility. She also served as a community liaison, helping to connect the most vulnerable citizens of the community with the social services they needed to improve their quality of life.

T’Yanna holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Public Administration from Southern University at New Orleans, where she is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in Children, Youth and Families.