Come Celebrate With Us!
CELEBRATION FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS CANCELED With concerns about COVID-19 continuing to weigh heavily on everyone’s minds, we have decided to cancel this year’s Celebration for Children’s Rights event. The safety of our guests is just too important to jeopardize with a party. We hope to see you next year!​ ——————— [slideshow_deploy id=’6688′]   Our lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates work tirelessly in support of our kids all year long. But on this night, we celebrate. Join us on Thursday, June 18th at our annual benefit event: the Celebration for Children’s Rights, presented by Milbank. We’ll be recognizing our successes […]
Corey's journey back from homelessness
At the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, we understand that an arrest can often coincide with other crises going on in the life of a child. That’s why we listen. We learn. And we help. LCCR social worker Nell had been working with “Corey” all summer long on his probation case, and the 13-year-old was making great strides. Then a crisis struck: Corey’s mom lost her job. Soon after, his family was evicted from their home with nowhere else to go. Even though Corey had been doing well on probation, his family’s sudden homelessness put his progress, and his very […]
Jason's Graduation
We know that when a child is arrested, there are usually greater issues going on in their life. That’s why we listen and learn before we work with them on a plan. We met “Jason” after his first arrest in 2016. He was struggling greatly in school and skipping class so frequently that he was eventually expelled. Meanwhile, as the eldest of three children in a single income household, he was under tremendous pressure to go out and get a job to help support the family. He was on the verge of dropping out of school in the 10th grade. Like so many of […]