We stand with kids
in the justice system
no matter what.

Our Dual Approach

We Advocate

We challenge laws and policies that systemically criminalize youth of color and poor youth. From the courthouse to the statehouse, we advocate for a Louisiana where children are supported in their community, not locked in jails and prisons.

We Represent

We provide specialized, no-cost legal representation to children in the justice system and adults who were sentenced as children. We work with every client to address their unique needs both inside and outside the courtroom.

Meet Corey

Often when a child is arrested, it’s a sign that another crisis is going on in their life. That was the case for 13-year-old Corey. His family was evicted while he was on probation, making it almost impossible for him to fulfill all of the court’s requirements. Luckily, he had his LCCR team on his side.

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  • How Jaylah learned to believe in herself

    How Jaylah learned to believe in herself

    When we first met “Jaylah,” it was immediately clear how much she cared for her family – and how badly she wanted to be able to provide for them. But she was all on her own, with little to no guidance from the adults in her life. Here’s how we helped Jaylah get what she…

  • Special Session on Crime & Public Safety Solidifies Louisiana’s Status as an Incarceration Capital

    Special Session on Crime & Public Safety Solidifies Louisiana’s Status as an Incarceration Capital

    In February, the state legislature gathered for a special session aimed at decreasing “surging” crime. Children were a specific target of this session, which saw a repeal of the Raise the Age law. Louisiana is now the first state ever to roll back this reform and return to prosecuting all 17-year-old children as adults.

  • Our Biggest Celebration Ever!

    Our Biggest Celebration Ever!

    WOW! Just Wow! On March 21, LCCR welcomed more than 230 guests to our annual Celebration for Children’s Rights event. Collectively, we raised a record-smashing $106,483 to fund our work with arrested and incarcerated youth in Louisiana. We can think of no better way to spend a beautiful (if slightly rainy) spring evening than to…