Orleans Parish Juvenile Court is Closed. Here's What Clients & Families Need to Know.

To our clients and their family and loved ones –

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (LCCR) is committed to advocating for you during this public health crisis. Information is rapidly changing, but we want to share with you today what we know, what we’re doing, and who you can reach out to with questions and concerns.

If you have a scheduled court date:

As of March 17 at 1 pm, Orleans Parish Juvenile Court is closed. The court has rescheduled all matters that were originally set for March 16 – April 13. If you or your child had a court hearing during this period, do not come to court on that date. Reach out to the court once it has reopened and your (or your child’s) attorney for the rescheduled court date. Hearings should be rescheduled for the week of April 13 unless the court closure is extended.

If you need to talk to your attorney:

Our staff will primarily be working remotely, but are available by phone and email.  If you do not know who your or your child’s lawyer is or how to contact them, please call our office at 504-658-6860.

If your child is arrested and jailed:

Please contact our office at 504-658-6860. We will connect you to the child’s appointed attorney at our office or the Orleans Public Defender office.  If your child is detained, they should be held at the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC). The number for JJIC is 504-658-3400.

If you child is serving a sentence in a state facility:

If your child is in the custody of the Office of Juvenile Justice and you have questions about their health and safety, please reach out to your child’s lawyer and/or directly to the facility. Facility contact information is below.  If you or your child is on probation and have questions, please contact your child’s probation officer or the Office of Juvenile Justice.

To keep our clients and community safe, LCCR is advocating for a swift and dramatic reduction in the number of children in custody, whether pre-trial or after sentencing.  For youth who will not be released, we are demanding that state and local facilities take serious precautions to protect their health, safety, and constitutional rights. You can see our full letter to the governor, OJJ, and detention center directors here.

In solidarity,

Aaron Clark-Rizzio
Executive Director, LCCR


Important Contact Information:

LCCR – 504-658-6860

Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office – 504-658-9500

Juvenile Justice Intervention Center – 504-658-3400

Office of Juvenile Justice Probation – 504-361-6890

Bridge City Center for Youth – 504 436-4253

Acadiana Center for Youth – 318-346-0127

Swanson at Columbia – (318) 649-4310

Swanson at Monroe – (318) 362-5000

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