Client Story
How Jaylah learned to believe in herself
When we first met “Jaylah,” it was immediately clear how much she cared for her family – and how badly she wanted to be able to provide for them. But she was all on her own, with little to no guidance from the adults in her life. Here’s how we helped Jaylah get what she needs for herself and her family.
Emmett’s push for a second chance at school
We first met “Emmett” as a 12th grader shortly after his arrest at school for having a small amount of marijuana on him. As if an arrest for simple misbehavior weren’t destabilizing enough, his school was also pushing for expulsion. Here’s how we helped Emmett stay in school.
Amaya’s journey to freedom from one of Louisiana’s most infamous youth prisons
When we first met "Amaya" as a high school sophomore, she had already been sentenced to 10 years in one of the state's most infamous youth prisons. Our team knew that for her safety and well-being, we needed to get Amaya out of that facility. Here's how we helped her on her journey to freedom.
How Joshua survived childhood trauma and youth imprisonment
At an early age, "Joshua" was forced to be the "adult" of the household--getting his younger siblings off to school and coming up with money for groceries. He stopped going to school, fell in with a bad crowd, and began committing armed robberies--resulting in his imprisonment for 7 years. Here's how we helped.
How Campbell overcame his struggle with grief and school disconnect
We first met “Campbell” as a 10th grader arrested on a simple burglary charge. After the devastating loss of his older brother, Campbell ran into trouble in school, resulting in his expulsion. When his school district gave up on him, his mother came to us for help. Here’s how we got Campbell back on track.
Renisha’s journey as a young mother in the legal system
We first met “Renisha” as a 12th grader with a three-year-old little boy of her own. She had been arrested on charges of aggravated assault, which threatened to upend her and her child's lives. She wanted more than anything to give her son the stable life that she never had herself. Here's how LCCR helped.
Jerome’s wish for peace and safety
“Jerome” is an 11th grader who was arrested for carrying a weapon for protection. When his LCCR team first met him, Jerome was quiet, timid, and very scared. Over time, he grew to become very communicative about his needs, even while exhibiting grief and trauma. He badly wants a different life for himself and his family. Here's how we helped.
Shawn’s re-entry after three years in juvenile prison
When Shawn came home from juvenile prison this past August, he was ready to get back to being a normal teenager. He had spent the last three years preparing for his second chance, but the outside world wasn't ready for his return. Kids released from incarceration frequently aren't supported with their re-entry. This gap in services sets them up for failure and creates a revolving door of incarceration. This is where our client services team steps in to help.
How Kentrell battled back from being on the street
We met “Kentrell” as an 11th grader who was completely on his own. Some poor choices led him to be arrested. His father then kicked him out of the house and no other family member would take him in. Here's how we helped.
How Calvin stopped sinking deeper into the legal system
For months, Calvin struggled meeting his court requirements, which dug him deeper into the justice system. It wasn’t that Calvin wanted more trouble. The problem was, his family had become homeless. Too often, the justice system compounds difficulties on top of difficulties for kids in Calvin’s position. Here's how LCCR helped.