Shawn’s re-entry after three years in juvenile prison

When Shawn came home from juvenile prison this past August, he was ready to get back to being a normal teenager. He had spent the last three years preparing for his second chance, but the outside world wasn’t ready for his return–a far too common reality for the youth we serve.

Kids released from incarceration frequently aren’t supported with their re-entry. This gap in services sets them up for failure and creates a revolving door of incarceration. This is where our client services team steps in to help.

Shawn returned home to a house without a roof. Extensive damage from Hurricane Ida was never repaired, so his entire family was cramped in the front room with only a hot plate to cook with. They’d been like that for a year.

Our team immediately connected the family with an organization that was able to repair their roof at no cost. We’ve also connected them with someone to fix their flood damaged floors and walls. Soon their near-condemned house will be a home for Shawn again.

Beyond his housing needs, Shawn also needed help reintegrating back into school. Shawn worked hard to keep up with school while in prison, successfully completing the 10th grade before he was released.

He was devastated to learn that his new school wouldn’t promote him to the 11th grade. We worked with Shawn and his family to see to it that his school had everything it needed to place him in the 11th grade and get him back on track to graduate.

Shawn is a bright kid who has big plans for his future. Getting him back into a safe home and situated in school is key to his plans. We’re excited to see him thrive and look forward to him soon coming off probation.

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