What We Can Do Now to Reduce Juvenile Crime

In New Orleans (and nationally) right now, a pressing topic is juvenile crime. Everyone wants to see crime reduced. Everyone wants to feel safe their own cars, homes, and community. Of course, the solution to juvenile crime is to address the conditions that incubate it: poverty, racism, inadequate housing, and healthcare access, etc.

As we, as a community, tackle those long-term solutions, there are two approaches our city could adopt right now that will help us better respond to and reduce juvenile crime.

Join us on Tuesday, March 8 from 5:00-6:15pm CST for a Zoom panel discussion. We’ll explore restorative justice and credible messenger mentoring as two means for reducing harm and producing better results–much to the benefit of public safety and our community as a whole. RSVP below.


Troi Bechet, Founder and CEO of the Center for Restorative Approaches

Clinton Lacey, President and CEO of the Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement (CM3)

Moderated by:

Aaron Clark-Rizzio, Executive Director of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

You can view this panel discussion at:


Passcode: hq4fQa#O

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