Roxanne Sutfield


Roxanne Sutfield, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, started her journey to help seek justice in 2004. Roxanne interned at A Fighting Chance, gathering information to seek adequate legal counsel to properly represent indigent offenders who face the death penalty. Roxanne also interned at the Orleans Public Defenders Office, in which she gathered information from court dockets and prepared questions for the judge to identify the proper sentencing or release for inmates in custody. Upon completion of Roxanne’s internship, she graduated from Southern University of New Orleans with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice. On her journey, she began working for an investment banker in 2007-13 as an Executive Assistant. Roxanne’s profound passion for justice led her to join the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana (JJPL) in January 2013 as Office Manager. After the merger of JJPL and LCCR, Roxanne transitioned to Administrative Assistant. Her responsibilities include collecting and inputting docket notes, case closure forms, and client release and intake forms; organizing and maintaining the closed files archive; and creating monthly reports of the Children’s Defense Team workload and output.