Motions to File After Sentencing or Resentencing

Whether your client has been resentenced or has just received his first sentence, and regardless of what new sentence your client received, you MUST file:

  • Motion to Reconsider Sentence (This motion is your client’s vehicle for preserving claims of excessiveness of his sentence on appeal as well as any error that occurred during the sentencing hearing. Any issues with the sentencing procedure may be deemed waived if you do not preserve those issues here.)
  • Motion to Appeal/Appoint the Louisiana Appellate Project (Even if this is a resentencing, your client is still entitled to an Appeal and to appellate counsel, and there are strict time deadlines, so this is a very important motion to file. If your client is indigent, you can move the Court to appoint the Louisiana Appellate Project to handle his appeal, and then contact them to pass off the representation.)
  • Motion for Designation of Record