Campaign for Children’s Rights 2021

Are you concerned about how children in the justice system are treated, but aren’t sure how the system works or what to do about it? In March, we are launching a public education campaign to demystify the system as it is and dream up what could replace it. Join us as we rethink and reshape Louisiana’s justice system into one that heals rather than harms, no longer targets children of color, and ultimately treats kids like kids.

Our Campaign will host a series of online events and discussions — all free and open to the public — about the following:

Ending the Criminalization of Black Youth
Wednesday, March 3 from 5-6pm CST, Zoom panel discussion
We will examine the legacy of anti-Blackness in the justice system, and discuss how addressing racial disparities must include shrinking the system itself.
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Changing our Lens: Building Kids Up, Not Breaking them Down
Wednesday, March 10 from 5-6pm CST, Zoom panel discussion
From the moment of arrest, the justice system focuses on everything that’s allegedly wrong with a child. What if instead of trying to “fix” the child, the system focused on their strengths instead and set them up to succeed upon release? We’ll examine different ways the justice system can realign its focus to a strengths-based approach, with special attention on the Positive Youth Justice (PYJ) framework.
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Rethinking our Response to Adolescent Behavior
Wednesday, March 17 from 5-6pm CST, Zoom panel discussion
Restorative justice is an effective alternative to prosecution that holds children accountable while also offering healing to not just the person who was harmed, but also the child who harmed them. We will explore what a restorative justice model could look like locally.
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All Children are Redeemable: Abolishing Juvenile Life Without Parole
Wednesday, March 24 from 5-6pm CST, Zoom panel discussion
Everyone is worth more than the worst thing they’ve ever done. This goes especially for kids, who are incredibly capable of change as they age. And yet, Louisiana continues to sentence more children to die in prison than any other state in the nation. We will examine why this form of sentencing is ineffective, expensive, and unconstitutional, and why the time for abolition is now.
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Join us for one or all of these discussions!
And stay tuned throughout March for more on these issues.

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