Cadence Neenan
Emmett’s push for a second chance at school
We first met “Emmett” as a 12th grader shortly after his arrest at school for having a small amount of marijuana on him. As if an arrest for simple misbehavior weren’t destabilizing enough, his school was also pushing for expulsion. Here’s how we helped Emmett stay in school.
Introducing LCCR’s 2024 Calogero Champion of Justice Awardee: Ubuntu Village
With our Celebration for Children’s Rights coming up on March 21st, we’re excited to introduce our Pascal Calogero Champion of Justice awardee for 2024: Ubuntu Village. “Partners like Ubuntu Village remind us that our children are a reflection of our values, and we must unify if we want to create a Louisiana where Black children and families are seen and valued,” says LCCR Executive Director Kristen Rome.
LCCR’s Reentry Specialist: Helping Rebuild Young Lives After Juvenile Prison
Shon Williams has worked at LCCR the past five years, and prior to that, he was incarcerated for 26 years for a crime he committed as a teenager. As our new Reentry Specialist, Shon is now using that lived experience to guide young people through their first steps back into the community after leaving prison.
Amaya’s journey to freedom from one of Louisiana’s most infamous youth prisons
When we first met "Amaya" as a high school sophomore, she had already been sentenced to 10 years in one of the state's most infamous youth prisons. Our team knew that for her safety and well-being, we needed to get Amaya out of that facility. Here's how we helped her on her journey to freedom.
Bringing the Power of Reading to Incarcerated Children
LCCR has started a book club for the children incarcerated at the New Orleans juvenile jail. Through it, kids are choosing the books we read and leading the group discussions. Incarceration may restrict a young person’s body, but books allow their mind to be free.
How Campbell overcame his struggle with grief and school disconnect
We first met “Campbell” as a 10th grader arrested on a simple burglary charge. After the devastating loss of his older brother, Campbell ran into trouble in school, resulting in his expulsion. When his school district gave up on him, his mother came to us for help. Here’s how we got Campbell back on track.